АБЗ циклического действия 160 тонн в час

АБЗ циклического действия 160 тонн в час



ÇSP 160

   Cold Aggregate Silos

   Silo capacity (m3

   8, 10, 12, 15, 20 m3

   feeding width is up to 650 mm, dosing with frequency controlling

   Collecting Belt

   Width (mm)    

   Leght (mm)


   varies according to the number of silos

   Inclined Belt

   Width  (mm)



   Diameter (m)

   Leght (m)

   2. 20

   8. 60

   Sieving Machine

   4, 5 decks

   Hot Aggregate Silos    
Capacities (tons)

   4,5 divisions


   Aggregate Weighing

   Capacities (kg)


   Filler Weighing                

   Capacities (kg)


   Bitumen Feeding

   Capacities (lt/sn)



   Capacities (kg)  



   ÇESAN Automation System

   Bitumen – Fuel Tank    
   Capacities (m3)

   20, 40, 50, 60

   Thermal Oil System  

   x1000 (Kcal/h)


   Electrical Heating

   For all capacities, can be produced in variable capacities    
   regarding to your requests.

ÇESAN, reserve the right to make technical modifications without prior notice. 

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